Publishing Your Book Can Be Fun and Profitable

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Publishing Your Book Can Be Fun and Profitable




If you struggle with doubt, lack of clarity, confusion overwhelm when thinking about writing your book.

You don't have to worry any longer, there is a solution...



A Step-By-Step Action Plan for Writing Your Signature Bestseller Book in About 90 Days


​​It doesn't matter if you have a finished manuscript, just started to write or only have an idea in your head...

IDEA to AUTHOR Self-Publishing Academy Will Help You Every Step of the Way


  • Lifetime Access to Idea to Author Academy 

    Easy and simple step-by-step video training modules. I take you by the hand and guide you through the 5 phases of profitable publishing.  Before you know it, you'll be holding your book in your hand!

  • Live Video Conference Mentoring

    Ask your most pressing questions, breakthrough any blocks or barriers and get coached on your book by me personally!  Get the answers you need so you never, never get stuck or lost.

  • Easy to Follow Action Guides

    Just fill in the blanks with these step-by-step action guides.  These exercises, training and resources guides will help you easily craft, write and publish your professional, signature book with ease.

  • Incredible Bonuses

    From a personalized cover review to a best seller launch promotion, marketing images, coaching and more.  These bonuses fill in the gaps and ensure your book will be a success! 



Cliff Has Been Amazing to Work With!


I've wanted to do a book for many years but never seemed to have the time, something always came up.  After hearing such great things about Cliff and his system, I knew he was the one to help me to bring my book to life!  He took me by the hand and guided me step by step and no time at all, I HAD MY BOOK and I LOVE IT!  


It’s created a new revenue stream for me and I’m using it to get more clients, appearances, shows, podcasts, and conventions.


Cliff has been amazing to work with and it’s been so much fun. The system he created WORKS!  If you are thinking about writing a book, save yourself the headaches, frustration and some money.  Follow Cliff’s system and in no time, you’ll have your book too!


- Patti Negri   Hollywood's Psychic Medium | TV Personality | Producer | Coach

What You'll Learn in This Program

The 5 Phases of Profitable Publishing

You don't have to figure out how to publish your book on your own!  The course is designed to make it simple and fun to create your inspirational, professional and profitable book with ease. 


    Get Crystal Clear on Your Message and Ensure You are Writing the Right Book


    In this phase we layout the framework for your book and it's message.  You'll learn how to zone in and get crystal clear on your messaging for your inspirational book.  Then we take a deep dive into the Author Message Matrix to ensure you are writing the "right" book for you and your audience. 


    We'll work on the important task of naming your book.   You'll learn the method of selecting a name which will get your book noticed, especially by your market.




    Time to Move into the Production Phase and Get That Book Out of Your Head 


    In this phase we match your author style with your output style to accelerate your getting manuscript done in record time. You'll learn the about the most important page in your book and how to set it up to get people to follow you. 


    You'll get access to THE VAULT - all my secret and tested resources, contacts and software.   Use these and your book will look professional and be something you can be proud of.  It will look like it came from a big publishing house.  It's the ultimate self-publishing toolkit and having access to these resources will save you so much time, effort and money and help you in producing a professional quality book.  




    Publish with Confidence and Get Your Book Out into the World


    One of my favorite parts, here is where you actually get to hold your book in your hand.  We cover the different options and platforms for publishing your book.  


    You are guided through an easy step-by-step process to get your book set up.   It's a no-fail system for getting your book in front of the eyes of the most buyers.  


    We'll cover why you should have your book in different formats giving it the best chance for people to read it.   Learn the mistakes to avoid when setting up your author pages and information.


    Learn why you should publish your book beyond Amazon and how to do this.   How to get it set up for worldwide distribution and get into places like schools, libraries and bookstores.



    Time to Make Your Book a Best Seller and Get It into the Hands of Your Readers


    It's time to make your book a best seller!  Learn how to attract and recruit the best launch team so your book is a bit hit right from day one.   You'll have access to a proven system to move your book up the Amazon charts and get attention in your market.


    Tested launch templates for email, social media and more are yours to implement and use.  You'll have access to marketing and promotion tools and resources.  You'll learn how to use your book to collect leads, even while your sleeping!


    Your launch will be supported by our community and secrets sources to ensure your book is a best seller.

    You'll learn how to get local press to support your book launch and share your story. 




    Marketing and Strategies to Profit from Your Book Now and in the Future


    Use your book to get more offers, deals and customers.  It's easy if you know how. 


    We'll cover the top 10 ways to make money with your book and how you can use your book as the foundation to build a six figure business.  You can even give your book away and make money!  I'll show you how.


     Learn to how to leverage your book and create another revenue stream by turning it into a product.  People will pay more to get more access to you.  One of best ways to create ongoing, recurring revenue is to create a product or a course.  It's easy to use your book as the foundation to do this.

He is My Publishing Coach!


I started a first ever book project was stuck (to say the least) on many different fronts.  I got discouraged and put it to the side.


After deciding to finish the project with Cliff, he easily outlined the steps that needed to be completed, pushed me and guided me through the process to the point of completion, and I got my book!


 Cliff is a total professional, responsive and easy to work with.


I would recommend anyone thinking of starting a book project to have a conversation with Cliff first to save you time, energy and money!


- Jeron Mastrud  Former NFL Player / APEX Performance CEO

Get FREE Access to THE VAULT


My Personally Tested Resources, Tools and Services




My Best Seller Book Launch Bundle

( $3,000 Value)


Professional Book Cover Review 
($1,000 VALUE)

I'll provide a individual consult  and personally review your book cover.  You'll get detailed video feedback with  comments, tips and  suggestions for improvement.  When we're done your cover will be so good that your potential readers won't be able to look away!


Best Seller Launch Promotion
($1,000 VALUE)

When it's time to launch your book I will promote it to my personal list and a number of groups and organizations which has a combined reach of over 50,000 people.  Your book will rocket to the top of the Amazon chart with lightning speed!! 


National Press Release 
($500 VALUE)

 This is a professionally written press release, announcing your book and launch.  It will have national distribution to over 100 media properties online including all the major media affiliates like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and more.  


Photorealistic Marketing Image Pack 
($500 VALUE)

We'll take your book cover and create dozens of photo realistic marketing images.  These images showcase your book and look so professional and amazing!  Use them on your social media, during your media appearance and more.

Total Program Value with All Bonuses - $16,000


Your Book Will Make You Money!


I wanted a book for a long time but wasn't sure what to include or not.  I was confused and it was easier to not take action that to take action. 


Cliff's process made it fun and easy. In just 60 days I had my book launched and to the top of the best seller list


Using his strategies, I've brought in over $40,000 in additional revenue!


List to Cliff, he knows what to do and it will make you money.


- Prem Carno  The Pickleball Guru / Worlds #1 Pickleball Instructor

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“As ​a​​​n​ ​entrepreneur who started my own business ​by investing in training programs, I know it's important to be mindful of every ​dollar spent.​ That's why I am committed to you achieving results with Idea to Author Self Publishing Academy and why it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. ​ ​


Review the course, do the work and if you honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please contact within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.


Publishing Coach, Author, Speaker

Utilizing more than 25 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 15 companies Cliff has developed programs and exclusive systems which help sell millions of dollars of products and services for organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs using the Power of Transformational Publishing.

Working with many different and diverse clients around the world ranging from piano teachers to rock stars, realtors to international speakers he helps them to clarify their message, get laser focused and publish their inspirational, professional book with ease while having fun.

Cliff's publishing system helps authors avoid unneeded costly mistakes, delays and frustration. Whether it’s delivered through his individual coaching or his self-publishing academy he’s ready to help you publish your passion and monetize your message.

He’ll help you elevate your brand and become irresistible to your ideal clients while growing your leads, sales and revenue.


It's time to publish your passion and monetize your message!

Idea to Author Academy Stories

What people are saying about working with Cliff

Marilyn Macha

CEO, MM Consulting

So Patient and Supportive


Cliff guided me along so gently until my book was done.  I secured 3 new speaking engagements which brought in 5 new coaching clients.  Get busy, write your book and let Cliff help you.


Wendi Garrido

Authenticity Coach

Powerful Expertise and Guidance 


Cliff's know-how and experience in the world of self-publishing is a godsend to anyone who is serious about becoming a successful author and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. 



Sue Woodward

Founder, GPS for Kids

He Made Me a Best Seller


Cliff's training and coaching guided me through the process and let me concentrate on the areas where I excel. I accomplished more in 3 weeks working with him than I had in 3 years trying to do this myself.


Spunk Burke

Owner, Berk and Crew Paintwrights

A Great Motivator and Teacher


It was a pleasure working with Cliff on my  books. His attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism and support helped me tremendously in achieving amazing results! Thanks for the positive experience.



Tiana Sanchez

Corporate Trainer & Speaker

His Proven System Works!


Cliff made publishing my book easy and fun! His proven system worked from manuscript to launch and beyond.  I've used my book to book more speaking engagements and increase sales.


Sylvia Anthony

Sylvia's Haven Homeless Shelter

Amazing Coach


Cliff is the best. I had a book with another publisher but there were lots of mistakes and problems. He helped make my book better and showed me how to get publicity for it.  If you can work with him, do it.  



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